Host Sacha In Your Home.

Host Sacha In Your Home.

Host Sacha In Your Home

An opportunity to interact with Sacha in person this spring – the official ‘Catch Me If You Can’ tour featuring Sacha dropping in to your home with your friends, family and community for a 3-4 hour event. We are looking at 10-12 destinations across the United States (SEE MAP) from late-April to mid-May. This unique journey aims to bring our community together for a series of intimate gatherings.

Aside from enlightening conversations and meet & greet, expect a captivating two-hour multimedia presentation by Sacha, covering everything from the mysteries of Cosmogenesis to the profound implications of current global events, followed by an engaging Q&A session.

The goal of this on-the-ground mission is to meet and engage with you in person. The intention is to connect and share stories and insights – whilst lighting a fire under the NewEarth Farmacy’s historic breakthrough science in your own homes – inviting a viral movement for post-Covid wellbeing for your family, friend and communities… supporting our bodies from weaponized spike protein transfection and vaccine injuries. A beacon of hope and healing. Sacha is able to say things in the private, that he is legally unable to say in the public.

Sacha has maintained from day one of the Covidiocy – this agenda is all about the harvest of humanity – aka global depopulation. We are the cavalry who need to come to our rescue!

Currently we have outlined tour destinations as follows:
Sedona, Arizona
Las Vegas, Nevada
South Utah/Colorado border
New Mexico
Texas (Austin and Dallas)
Tazewell, Tennessee (set)
Atlanta, Georgia
Florida (two stops, including Tampa)

These locations are subject to change. Other destinations that are very close to that route will be considered if a strong case is presented. The tour will conclude May 17.

Likely Start Date: Friday, April 19, 2024 , Sedona, AZ
End Date: Thursday, May 16, 2024 TBD in Florida

The first Catch Me If You Can TOUR event will take place in Sedona, Arizona April 19-21 in conjuction with the Earth Origins VI event where Sacha is a keynote speaker. We will be moving Eastward, so the dates will reflect that…Texas will be around late April, Tennessee in early May and Florida and Georgia in mid-May.

Dates for subsequent destinations will be released once venues are confirmed – and that is up to all of you!

If you are interested in hosting an exclusive Sacha, please send an email to or CLICK HERE to fill out the Interest form. In the form or the email please tell us more about yourself, your location and your home or the venue you have in mind.

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