Collection Sacha Stone Poetry

December 11, 2021

just this…
to touch the gilded sky
to kiss
your face


October 17, 2021

when words have left the world behind
and the earth has ceased to spin
and the whirling gyre has turned its last
as the spinner turns within
where the fields of Uriel are blacked
and the seas are red with taint
for the last of men have sunken there
to mortal detriment

when words have left the world behind
and dreamers dream their last
and tears of immanence return
as the future tilts the past
may we marry there in solitude
and mend these broken parts
to the flute of our immortal song
at the beat of this my heart

when words have left the world behind
and the earth has ceased to spin
I will ask of you forgiveness there
that the world may turn again

October 4, 2021

lost soul
broken heart
here am I
the work of Art

February 5, 2021

Before the fall of ancient Mu
Before the Adamites
Before the veil of Trismegistus blinded mortal sight
Before the dawn of Sapiens
Before the Canaanites
Before the reign of Spartacus
Before the Israelites
Before the loss of innocence
Before the wheel of time
You gave to me your pagan heart
Aye, in exchange ~ for mine

November 8, 2021

An absurdly perfect night
In the Algarve (north of Chad)
As the sky lit fires
O’er Catholic spires
And the world was not all bad…

October 12, 2021

Carpathian bound
Origins found
Thracian heart
Worlds apart
Genes defined
History blind
Playing with fire
G-d’s desire

June 15, 2021

I stood beneath
a Tucson sky
and learned how not
to question why
the shadow draws
on inward breath
where life is gifted
soon to death
as lesser mortals
such as I
yet stand beneath
a Tucson sky

January 21, 2021

From hallowed light
Was darkness born
Those feral days
Where Seth forlorn
Made offerings
To Baphomet
His soul afire
With grim regret
Thus augering
Ere what would be
The trial of love
Twixt you and me

January 27, 2021

waiting on the waters tide
sensing all that recent died
giving more than giving in
forgetting all that’s ever been
leaning in to winters song
we tend the wound
to right the wrong

October 23, 2021

tried to find
my way back home
there to mend the fray
took a thousand years or so
swept my life away

tried to trace
these steps to you
there to reach your heart
took another thousand years
forfeiting the start

tried to find
my way back home
to where you’ve ever been
to tell you of the epic tales
and mighty things I’ve seen

tried to reach
forbidden skies
there to touch your crown
fell from such an awful height
broke upon the ground

pray I find
the way back home
to rest this weary head
and lay before my Lady there
the virtue of the dead

October 7, 2021

I’ll meet you at the setting sun
Beyond these drifting years
Between the shadow and the pale
Beneath the sting of tears
Behind the veil of solitude
Across the seas of Time
I’ll meet you at the setting sun
Where you are ever mine


February 18, 2021

I stopped to catch my breath
And you were gone

January 10, 2021

Ode to the Narcissist-in-Chief
Salutations Mr T. for all that you have done,
You’ve rid the world of pestilence,
And got them on the run,
The DC rats are scattering,
Their swamp will not be missed,
You’re such a gent,
From heaven sent,
The perfect narcissist!

Arise Homo sapiens!

December 13, 2020

if I were as old as you
and you were as bold as me
we would still be alive
at a quarter to five
and a bloody good thing that’d be


December 5, 2020

Seasons come ere seasons go
Summer rains, autumnal snow
To far beyond this human ken
A realm of half forgotten men
Where subterfuge and broken vows
Soon eclipse what Fate allows
Wherein this flame long overdue
I dedicate my bones to you

(Bury them with my Beloved)

October 31, 2020

I urge thee vote Republican
Most verily I pray!
For Trump prevails
Where Biden fails
In every single way

(Oh…and it’ll help the eradication of human trafficking, mainstream media cult-programming, censorship, pedophilia and high-street satanism)

September 23, 2020

life is a season
of slow retreat
through infinite skies
to an African beat

June 24, 2020

how hard these hearts they measure time,
as mine does yours and yours does mine,
til cracks betray their withered plight,
and love restores our faded sight

May 5, 2020

The time for turning back had tick-tocked itself, almost imperceptibly, into the velveteen stillness of irreproachable death. ‘Ah!’ he thought to himself, as he steered remembrance of Self toward the golden horizon; ‘Next time, I will assuredly weft this fabric of soul into a world wherein the shadow of Cronus is eternally unseen to the hearts and minds of its Men, nor given succour by the grace of its Mothers’. Extracted from:
‘The Storytellers Tale’
by Sacha Stone

January 21, 2020

I miss your naked body.
Like a deepening ache.
The kind which weathers boulders over time.
The kind which sees the seasons come and go,
like driftwood on the tide,
impenetrable pride,
a never ending end to what we know.
The kind of ache which thrums its fate within the pulse of death.
Easy now. Easy here. Hush this dying breath

December 12, 2020

at the edge of time
near the end of days
where the angle of light
will blind your gaze
is the cross that we bear
and our fate foretold
for the pain that we feel
is the love we withhold

(love in a tempest)

November 29, 2020

Wisdom fell upon me like an ill-begotten wind,
Once life had steered her cruelties and travesties behind,
And far beyond the pale of what imagination framed,
Or elementals in their tireless sophistry proclaimed,
Ay, wisdom fell upon me like a plague of pestilence,
Binding me eternally to simple common sense

October 4, 2020

a perfect day
a perfect storm
the flame of truth
has pierced the dawn

September 3, 2020

We sought the path to Avalon, by way of mortal dread,
To find the twisted ironed gates of Abbadon instead

Where venturing beyond the pale we stood before the dawn,
And gazed upon each other there,
bereft, adrift, forlorn

Til soon the seasons turned away and all around us flamed,
An unrelenting purple fire
ineffably unnamed

Returning us in heart and soul to Tara’s own domain,
As living soil restored us to the elemental vane

And there we chanced on Avalon by way of mindfulness,
To find the golden gates of our eternal living kiss

June 19, 2020

faded songs…
bloodied pride
in the place
our shadows died
love forsaken
love foretold
love before we get too old

April 22, 2020

I shut these eyes as the sun went down,
Squared this heart to the flame,
Summoned there the timeless sage,
And uttered out the name….Beloved.

December 7, 2020

At last the reign of Molochites was rendered to the dawn,
A fearsome sound of Adamites was sounded at the horn,

And all across the ravaged lands the people coiled in rage,
To seize this day of reckoning and close the wicked Age,

A Kraken circles high above the skies of Washington,
And falls upon the serpents where
Thy Holy Will is Done,

For here the reign of Molochites is ended at the dawn,
And humankind for ever more is birthed, renewed, reborn.

November 12, 2020

beneath a canopy
vast firmament ablaze
told the messenger:
‘deflect the message from my gaze!’
I stand before ye Nephilim
auld Gods of jealous rage
the day has come
My Will Be Done
for I have come of age.

July 2, 2020

With shutted eyes
We cupped these ears
And moved beyond this veil of tears
For Alcyon lay straight ahead
Mercifully (as we were dead)
And truth was lost til truth was found
Where lies entangled
Came unbound
And all around us, scattered wide
The webs there woven

And in this place
Of stricken ire
Our soul at war
Twixt ice and fire
Magdalene took our arm
And led us swift
Away from harm

May 9, 2020

Tis a tragicomedy
The masking of a face
A self imposed departure
To a self defeating place.
It is a wretched mystery
A Rubicon for sure
To each their path
Of karmic wrath
Ere reason is no more

March 19, 2020

Ay, what is self-isolation
If not the shortest path
To the inner light (Arise homosapiens!)

December 1, 2019

I’ve seen the fall of man…. (and trembled like a dove in a woman’s hand)

July 10, 2019

a king without a kingdom
a rose without a thorn
the dream within a dream
within a never ending storm

a sigh within a tempest
a wheel within a wheel
the pulse within a vein
within a heart which daren’t feel

listen close, oh brazen heart
for ought it may be worth
a king without a kingdom
is King of all the Earth

June 16, 2019

she towered oer men
who stood in awe
enraptured by the sight
of Pertiwi awakening
from her Galactic night

October 28, 2019

a thousand years of solitude
a thousand songs unsung
a thousand paths to weave before the dying of the sun

July 4, 2019

I fear nought
but the death
of a songbird

November 15, 2018

ah begets a greying of the beard
the plague I as a young man feared
which augers yet a ripening
of just about most everything

August 17, 2019

war and peace
love and light
heart and soul
wrong and right
night and day
stop and start
here and now
take my heart

June 19, 2019

I dreamed a dream
of ancient Kings
gathered neath the sky
with mama Gaia dignified
bejewelled head held high
and there I wept a tear of joy
for all Her sorrows borne
as all the ancient Kings arose
and made their homage known

November 15, 2018

ah begets a greying of the beard
the plague I as a young man feared
which augers yet a ripening
of just about most everything

June 22, 2018

Caught the moon askance today
The Bitch had not a lot to say

August 27, 2018

think me not much longer here, a poet cries forlorn
ere night has come, and stilled the sun, which renders until dawn

kiss me now aye kiss me long, for memory is feign
to linger longer than a woeful
dying poets reign

February 24, 2018

past the point of no return
with so much wisdom to unlearn
June 5, 2018

Stigmata. Numb. Old Aries tale.
Father Time. In Rent’d veil.
Standing still. Deadened heart.
Where to end? Where to start?

August 11, 2018

i dreamt we met beneath a tree
long overgrown with mystery
wetted by galactic tears
where it’d stood for many years

and there we kissed each other’s eyes
and thus became immortalized

November 8, 2017

past a point of no return,
the weft and warp of now and then,
wield instead a sacrament,
to right the wrongs of gods and men

July 11, 2017

seasons turn
ravens cry
lovers dream
poets die

July 4, 2017

i caught it momentarily
near the edge of dawn
trickle as a golden tear
or so i could’ve sworn
I lost it there eventually
beneath a ruddy sky
as the darkening rolled in

April 30, 2017

soft soft humming bird
caught the wind
lost the word
prayed once
wounded twice
left the world immortalized

April 2, 2017

bough bends a broken fall,
hastening the meisters call,
Lords of Time ruminate the closing loop,
the figure eight.
Her song ascended, risen high,
to kiss the ceiling of the sky,
here befalling certain death,
a life for life – a breath for breath.
thus it went, this lovers song,
the blighted day – the righted wrong

March 8, 2017

sleep sleep softly sleep
among the fallen leaves
ebbing to the gentle deep
as Aphrodite grieves

February 14, 2017

Funny thing this Valentine
His n’ hers n’ yours n’ mine
Will you? won’t you…mon amour
Love me just a little more…

January 7, 2017

Here, there, everywhere
In sight and sense and sounds
Love is like a lunatic
Where lunacy abounds
January 16, 2017
Thought divine, such trusting eyes
Amore’ deceived
Wrests within stone~heartedness
So callously conceived

Judas withers like a rose
Upon the weathered ground
Ere love’s own sonnet lays us down
Bereft without a sound

August 29, 2017

and so we arrive
at that place between words
where nothing is said
yet everything heard

as seasons of age
flow callously by
where nothing can live
for nothing can die

and lovers are lost
in the heart of the flame
where righteousness crows
and travesty reins

for words like moons
have become as Death
hoarse and remote

soften the quickening
steady the gaze
remember this heart
these end of days

remember this heart
these end of days

April 18, 2017

turn turn trusted tyre
deliver me to keep
further than yon distant spire
where all just sinners weep

burn burn gristed pyre
churn the belly deep
near this heart she rendered me
such never ending sleep.

March 11, 2017

double you double me
here’s to multiplicity

February 18, 2017

here am I
gone to nowhere
you may turn the sun off

February 18, 2017

here am I
gone to nowhere
you may turn the sun off

February 9, 2017

seven moons gone
to where many suns set
and where pitiful fools are feign to regret
the ingenue leans to the flickering flame
and stifles the wick
at the first sign of pain
thus lovers are lost in the labyrinthine lair
where seven moons spin
at the edge of despair

January 2, 2017

Janus says: “To serve I am, Self should seek no more”,
But rather bid we self-reflect, and thus unlock the door

August 12, 2017

spell bound lazarus
risen from the dead
who will ask
who will tell
whats better left unsaid?

June 29, 2017

there is no sleep for Cupid’s dead
there is but Ariadne’s thread
weaving to the tempest horn
forfeiting this golden dawn

luckless woman, luckless man
luckless both since time began
cast adrift on salty seas
there is no cure for this disease

April 16, 2017

watch the motion of your feet upon the road you climb
then catch the wind
and drop your guard
as you lose your mind

March 10, 2017

If I should ever chance to die
of something suddenly
scatter my poor ashes neath
a mimosa tree

February 17, 2017

emerald eye
stars ablaze
inconsequential lovers gaze

dredged heart
shallow dreams
fated as the fated seems
lowered bar
rattled chains
little of itself remains

wretched on this noble path
step for step /\ wrath for wrath

January 22, 2017

drifting….on a ghostly day, upon a ghostly karmic spire
where the dread of doubt yet comes about
to the growl of Neptune’s ire

and the Quartermaster turns the prow
as the sirens set their song
drifting….on a ghostly day, in a place I don’t belong

December 8, 2016

Life, like a lonely Rembrandt scene,
Wavers some, until it’s been,
Retiring thence unto the fold,
Of memories and stories told.
Love like a faded Titian scene,
Enters where was once a dream,
Gently tears the cage apart,
Behold this bloodied savage heart.

November 3, 2016

first love’s bell which tolls benign
then the strike to make it mine
next the chime which renders there
echoing our hearts despair
drawing lovers to the ground
without a sound

November 15, 2016

I drew a line upon the sand
and there became my own command

I draw a line upon the sky
and here become immortalized

November 2, 2016

where the turn failed to return
where the flame refused to burn
where here beats a beaten heart
let the end signal the start

September 21, 2016

in such a place
we’d kissed each other’s eyes
licked each other’s wounds
until the storm had passed
I apologised for the liberty
(and you forgave me)
and in one thousand days of sadness
I found a stone that you had dropped
and went in search of you
looked in all the places that we’d known
all the forests overgrown
I passed the ghosts
of old words
in old battlegrounds
and saw they were as nothing
formless and hollow
(like fallen trees)

November 11, 2016

Trumps alive, Cohen’s dead
planet earth resumes in dread
nonetheless I truly feel
Jesuits got the rotten deal

September 16, 2016

‘you’re mine’

he whispered
as he slipped
beneath a crested wave

it’s time to die
time to lay me
gentle in the grave

feed me now
from fingertips
cold, wet, motionless
stroke my brow
kiss me now
for all I am

is this

October 21, 2016

rhyme for rhyme ~ word for word ~ aimed too high and killed the bird

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