Sacha Stone Dark Matters Episode 7


Dark Matters: Episode 7 – Sacha Stone

Kali introduces the concluding episode of the inaugural series of Dark Matters, featuring the indomitable Sacha Stone. Renowned as a filmmaker, poet, and activist, Sacha is committed to dismantling the web of deceit and illusion that sustains the usurped frequency of coerced narratives. His mission is to replace apocalyptic perspectives with the authentic, sentient paradigm of a New Earth.

At the helm of The New Earth horizon, the World Health Sovereignty Summit, the Lazarus Initiative, Humanitad, and the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, among other endeavors, Sacha exemplifies the timeless wisdom that the perpetuation of evil often hinges on the silence and inaction of otherwise virtuous individuals and that the time for action is, and always has been, in the ever present perpetual NOW

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