NewEarth Horizon Summit Replay

NewEarth Horizon Summit Replay

Symposium XII June

(Tuesday June 21, 2022)

Watch Part 1 Replay

Lazarus Initiative – One Year Review

12 pm CDT
Sean Stone, Elana Freeland, Harald Kautz-Vella, Dan Winter, David Sereda, and Shehnaz Son

Watch Part 2 Replay

AGN: Special Feature

1 pm CDT

Watch Part 3 Replay

ITNJ: The Doctrine of Discovery

2 pm CDT

Watch Part 4 Replay

New Earth Technologies

3:30  pm CDT

Watch Part 5 Replay

New Earth Sanctuary & the Initiatives

4 pm CDT
Sacha Stone, Clayton Thomas, Dr. Christina Rahm, Caroline Mansfield.

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