Arise: From the Ashes of the G-ds!

By Sacha Stone (A note to my gentle readers: I have included over 40 links in this essay, in an effort to make your own referencing as easy as possible. I

Sacha Stone on NewEarth’s Mission

Interview with Dan Miele for NewEarth Media: Often times when presented with ideas that challenge the cultural, societal and economic memes, people will discard them thinking they are idealistic and

The Journey from Satanism to Sovereignty

A Face to Face session between Sacha Stone, Santos Bonacci, Jay Parker and Lorraine Flaherty

Your Third Brain

Epilogue to the recent book by Marco Ruggiero and Peter Greenlaw By Sacha Stone To the layperson, any notion of a second, third or fourth brain is every bit as confusing as it ultimately

Killjoy vs the Myth of The Burn

I must be missing something… For nigh on twenty years I’ve turned down multiple invitations to the orgiastic soft-shoe-shuffle in the Nevada desert known as Burning Man. Never quite sure