Arise: From the Ashes of the G-ds!

By Sacha Stone Arise Homo Sapiens: From the Ashes of the G-ds (A note to my gentle readers: I have included over 40 links in this essay, in an effort to

Sacha Stone on NewEarth’s Mission

Interview with Dan Miele for NewEarth Media: Often times when presented with ideas that challenge the cultural, societal and economic memes, people will discard them thinking they are idealistic and

The Journey from Satanism to Sovereignty

A Face to Face session between Sacha Stone, Santos Bonacci, Jay Parker and Lorraine Flaherty

Your Third Brain

YOUR THIRD BRAIN – EPILOGUE BY SACHA STONE Epilogue to the recent book by Marco Ruggiero and Peter Greenlaw By Sacha Stone To the layperson, any notion of a second, third or fourth

Killjoy vs the Myth of The Burn

I must be missing something… For nigh on twenty years I’ve turned down multiple invitations to the orgiastic soft-shoe-shuffle in the Nevada desert known as Burning Man. Never quite sure