My Fellow Sapiens

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My Fellow Sapiens!

This is a private message for Facebook wanker-in-chief Mark Fuckerberg and Twitter wanker-in-chief ‘Jack-off’ Dorsey, disguised as Newsletter #3 from my website which of course you both own in

My fellow Sapiens!

My Fellow Sapiens!  Firstly, I need to acknowledge the love, with thousands of letters of support incoming. Thank you for the kindness. I’m getting this out today in anticipation of

‘Live’ at Dartington Great Hall

Hosted by Jason Liosatos and Louise Ashley at Dartington Great Hall. Sacha discusses latter-day idolatry and the dangers of cultural dream spell. 

Beyond Time Money & Fear

New Earth Founder Sacha Stone interviewed by CNW TV in Belgium. This short (graphically animated) interview outlines the New Earth vision and it’s zero-point dimension. Please SHARE this widely and

Standing Rock Solidarity Gala

Presided over by Balinese High Priestess Ida Resi, Yakama Nation Chief-Justice Ted Strong and Sacha Stone. Hundreds of people gathered in Bali at NewEarth Haven in solidarity with our brothers