Arise Homo Sapiens


THE LAZARUS INITIATIVE Launching March 21st (Spring Equinox) via a marathon series of livestream symposiums (and a finale’ event on March 21st 2022). Bringing together whistleblowers, victims, survivors, forensic analysts, bioweapon experts, historians, theologians, medical scientists and health experts on the seminal subject of the gravest existential threat facing humankind: Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism, Morgellons Syndrome & E.T intervention of human genetics. This is an ancient story as much as it is a modern contemporaneous crisis. It encompasses cosmogenesis , the status quo and our planetary evolution toward ascension. It is the culmination of over two decades of my own life and work and I am thoroughly looking forward to moderating some of the most brilliant minds and hearts in the world as we build up the big picture toward understanding our human condition and the fellowship of humankind.

My Fellow Sapiens

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