Address to Lithuanian Parliament

Excellencies (Distinguished friends),

I will state at the outset that I am both the least qualified person to be addressing you today and in turn perhaps the most qualified.

I am least qualified because I have no formal education. I grew up in the African bush throughout the Rhodesian (Zimbabwean) war, leading to ten years as a refugee in the United Kingdom, stateless, without a passport or any nation recognising me.

I know very little of law or politics in the scholarly sense, and have zero qualification in either profession, however….

I am qualified to address you precisely because I represent the living man, and as such, waive all allegiance to culture or nationality in favour of allegiance to natural justice, pure-truth and the alphabet of the human heart. So I speak to these things today without ambiguity.

It is precisely ‘natural justice’ which must be recognised as the cornerstone of any emergent human social contract today. Any government, institution or system which fails to recognise this foundational tenet will almost certainly bring about their own catastrophic failure in the socio-economic and socio-ecological upheavals already visiting upon us.

So-called ‘terrorism’…….the so-called ‘refugee-crisis’ and so called ‘austerity’ are current indicators of the critical and unpredictable nature of our (end of) times.

The fact that many of the most significant crises which inflame our global society are engineered and manipulated by forces amongst us is a fact well known to honourable leaders in government and in civil society. The fact that these forces and vested interests have used the ‘colour-of-law’ and abstract-economics to infiltrate and diminish the fabric of social welfare is also a fact well known to honourable leaders in government and in civil society.

Both the colour-of-law and abstract economics are the language of the Devil in our midst….that proverbial snake in the Garden of Eden. It is the language of Babel, professing everything to everyone…..understood by nobody. It is the language of the intercessory, the middle-man, the one who would profit from the very misunderstanding which is promulgated. And in the course of modern history whilst good people of the world were recovering from bloody World Wars, trying to find a dignified balance between sanity and survival….this language of obfuscation became the official language of government, ergo the status-quo.

As I am in the middle of a 12 nation pit-stop tour across Europe I have had time to reflect in the past few days on this status quo, precisely because I have been looking out of a car window at the manifest fruits of that status quo.

I will tell you what I saw:

I saw a 21st century Europe being reduced to a homogenised wasteland….. the net-result of systemic industrialisation of products, of services and of peoples lives. I saw vehicles stuck in traffic queues for miles and miles with not a single smiling face. I saw acres of billboards selling poisonous and unsustainable products to Mothers and Fathers and their children. I saw thousands of long distance trucks conveying shipments to distant lands….thus imploding their local economies. I saw countless multinational banks……insurance companies……real-estate agencies, littering towns and cities. I saw monstrous shopping malls, as big as international airports. It occurred to me that every time I looked at one of those shopping malls I was seeing wholesale government-sponsored demolition of small business folk and their once proud enterprises: shoemakers, greengrocers, cabinet-makers, pharmacists, book-sellers, restauranteurs and hoteliers.

I sensed the broken dreams of thousands of honest family owned businesses annihilated over the past two or three decades by a creeping globalist monoculture which, wittingly and unwittingly, seeks to eradicate family values, community values, societal values and civilisational values. I witnessed all of this rushing past my car window. The bleak legacy of a social economic inferno being wrought upon millions of common people by the European Union and its nefarious raison d’être.

The creeping monoculture I speak about is of course the natural outcome of a civilisation which has on the one hand become drunk on excessive consumerism and is on the other hand traumatised into a false-model of scarcity-economics. Where everybody is living both in excess and a state of fear….reliant on the State to ultimately offer salvation. This of course is not only ironic but farcical. I say this because, with all due respect to this gathering of honourable souls, governments and their organs of executive, legislative and juridical process are themselves become the ultimate fiction. Perfectly embodying that which is inorganic, soulless….that which is bereft of conscience. They are the aggregate of generational kingly and priestly lines, promulgating agendas of control and manipulation. Their critical remit – the control and harvest of human time and energy.

Government is become the de facto enemy of living men and women of the living soil. At least that is what most common people think most of the time, when they are being over-taxed, under-paid and relentlessly penalised by commercial agents masquerading as ‘peace-officers’ and bullied by the petty-tyranny of officialdom.

As a marginally jaded veteran activist cum citizen diplomat, I have for twenty years traversed the globe meeting and conversing with the full socio-political spectrum: from ‘terrorists’ to Heads-of-State. I have learned to understand much of the commonality cleft between both sides of the power equation. I should also add here that peace-activists and concerned citizens are nowadays labelled as domestic terrorists with power of the State seeking to crush dissenting voices……..voices which merely argue for sane relationship between governance and citizenry and the restoration of human dignity and exchange in all dealings thereof.

Where the State should be serving its mandate in the best interests of citizens it all too often does precisely the opposite. It does so by playing into the hands of central banking cartels and vested interests…..and clicking its heels not to the mandate of living-souls but rather to the dictates of monopolising institutions like the European Union, the IMF, the World Health Organisation….and so on.

Every sane citizen knows that in the 21st century the State has unwittingly become servant of transnational and transcultural interests, and is now the mechanistic destroyer of the fabric of their own national traditions and cultural integrity. The Tavistock Institute and Fabian cloisters assured that trajectory generations ago, leading to the contemporaneous efforts of such perfidious institutions as ‘The Open Society’ courtesy of George Soros and his overlords.

The destruction I am referring to emerges in diametric proportion to the State’s capacity to act in derogation and abrogation of civil liberties, human rights, civil rights, natural rights and plain common sense. This brings us to where people of the world have had enough! Where the State assaults the lives of common people with arbitrary statutes and codes infringing all dignity while seeking to commercialise and penalise us at every turn.

Since when did people of the world sanction or vote for government to tell them what they can or cannot eat? How their children should be educated? Whether they or their families should be vaccinated with toxins? Whether or not women may choose to have abortions? When they can choose to retire from work? How they may or may not choose to heal their own ailments…. or what plant they may smoke in the sanctity of their own home.

Law and natural Justice can be summarized in one sentence; perfectly……”cause no harm loss or injury to another living soul and conduct no fraud in your transactions”. So long as a human being conduct themselves according to this simple dictum then there will never be a crime nor will there ever be a victim…. there will only be a perfect and natural social order.

By contrast, in its efforts to control, harvest and monetise humanity -‘government’ has dreamt into existence millions of ‘laws’ which are not laws at all. They are statutory provision, codes or ordinances which have essentially infiltrated the law books at the bidding of unelected officials, and by the assent of turgid bureaucrats.

The immoral stench of this lawless globalist behemoth as it shreds our sensitivities and our sensibilities, is why awakened ‘citizens’ have had enough and no longer wish to play the ‘civilisation’ game. Because they see how unbearably uncivilised our world has become…how brutalised and desensitised it has become. Because no matter how uneducated or unsophisticated they may be, good people of the world still feel it in their common bones when the fabric of human-spirit is being defiled, molested and compromised.

Natural Justice is the only recourse left to a world which is caught up in statutory conflagration and left on the brink of socioeconomic and socioecological meltdown.

Listen to the people, not because they are making loud enough noises…..but because listening to the people and acting therefrom is the very reason you are elected parliamentarians and political representatives. The dispensation of ‘natural justice’ is where the white-noise of our civilisational hum becomes its most noble song. Listen closely and listen well. Because governments that do not do so will be held to task and held to account in the coming days of planetary psycho-cultural upheaval. The game is changing – as is the playing-field. Both will favour living-men and living-women of the living soil over fictitious corporations masquerading as governments.

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice is readying for that call, and we welcome establishing cogent dialogue with all citizens, institutions, governments, and peoples of the world wishing to see restoration of the rule of law and a return to natural justice.

Thank you for the kind invitation to address this august body.

Let Right Be Done!

Comments (7):

  1. pete mcgowan

    17/10/2018 at 9:54 am

    Brilliant b,this is why you should read Mr Wilf’s incredible prank

  2. Karwn m. bell

    17/10/2018 at 11:35 am

    Aptly sobering, so very well expressed, accurate and clear. Thank you.

  3. veracity

    17/10/2018 at 1:59 pm

    This brilliantly sums up the horrific reality we’re faced with after two and a half centuries of a system in place which grants a very select few the privilege to conjure up currency out of thin are and rent it out at usurious rates!
    A fair, just, equitable and lawful society must have, as its lifeblood, flowing through its economic system, an equally fair and equitable Monetary System; one based on Merit!

    The Fiat Currency Crime Racket is a parasitic, iniquitous and destructive force which destroys everything in its path to more Profit, more Power, more Control, more Oppression, more Subservience and Vassalage to the select few who granted themselves, by stealth, deceit and fraud, the privilege to have all the power in the world at their fingertips by simply creating currency and buying up night the entire global Economy, all the Politicians and global Institutions!

    End the Fiat Currency Crime Racket and we’re halfway there to a more just and equitable world.
    Bring all the criminal perpetrators to justice and we’re three quarters there.

    • Give the Power of Governance to the People in Direct Democracy and we’re ninety five percent there.
    End the global MSM monopolies and EVERY other monopoly for economic, governance, i.e. UN, WTO, FTAs, NATO, EU, etc and we’re beginning to shape a better world, one where Merit, Justice, Sovereignty and Liberties are the foundation of Society!

    This is not utopia, it can be achieved and MUST be aimed for, or we’re doomed:
    Chemtrails, Vaccines, GMOs, HAARP, WW3, 5G, modern day versions of Eugenics in all its covert forms, Carbon Trading, etc, all these are Agenda 21 covert tools to eliminate most of Humanity.

    • Chemtrails alone has already caused the rise of cause of Death from Alzheimer to epidemic levels; just one, extraordinarily horrific consequence of the spraying of heavy metals, aluminium and a host of toxins for spurious reasons of ‘Climate control’ or whatever lies proffered.

    ►Make it happen or humanity is truly doomed!

  4. Nature's Child

    17/10/2018 at 2:55 pm

    Thank you for putting so much of effort, dedication and energy to make such a difference on a global scale and in waking people up to issues that mostly are ignorant of. Much blessings and light to you….

  5. Sepp Hasslberger

    17/10/2018 at 5:18 pm

    Thank you for that, Sacha Stone.
    I couldn’t agree more.
    Let natural justice be done.

    I particularly appreciated this:
    “Law and natural Justice can be summarized in one sentence; perfectly……”cause no harm loss or injury to another living soul and conduct no fraud in your transactions”. So long as a human being conduct themselves according to this simple dictum then there will never be a crime nor will there ever be a victim…. there will only be a perfect and natural social order.”

  6. Hellena Post

    25/10/2018 at 1:05 am

    Thank you!! Thank you for your words and the commonsense they bring ❤️

  7. Diana Lefèvre

    07/04/2019 at 9:35 am

    Sacha , I honour and thank you for your extraordinary courage and your work , for addressing these governing people in Lithuania . If it sows the seeds of a true sense of justice and what is deeply right, in even one of its members of parliament , then your speech has been more than successful . I discovered you , Sacha , through Simon Parks’ latest broadcast on his Show , on Sunday 5/4/19. Light and Love are winning through – the world is changing and more and more people are waking up , thanks to light warriors like yourself . Love and thanks from the bottom of my heart . Diana .


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