My fellow Sapiens!

In order to ‘track & trace’ our imploding reality hologram I have determined to keep a weekly journal, until conscience or alien invasion dictates otherwise! Not only might it serve to amuse you from time to time, but it may also serve to demonstrate how accurate (or inaccurate) my prognostications are.

I was delighted to speak at the Uluru Conference on the momentous solstice event which took place on 21st December (see link below). As many of you will know this axiomatic calendric dateline ushered in the transition of the Piscean to the Aquarian age. Nothing could be more relevant in the grander scheme of things, with all the universal forces playing out their symphony in the spheres: raining down hyper-dimensional coding like galactic wedding confetti…..upon those actualized humans, who are readying as the meek, to inherit this plane of existence, and steer it toward the highest outcome. 

This is why we were born. This is why we covenanted to entangle in time-space at the outer fringe of the Milky Way. Speaking of which!… do check out the scalar soul-frequency revelation shows with Alejandro Ferradas and Elena Bensonoff on Aliens & Starseeds part 1 and part 2 as well as the Entire Electric Universe.

As we begin another sun cycle, this first day of 2021, I hope you will be steeling yourself more for the bliss-wave than for the shock-wave of apocalypse. Remember, everything we are instructed, from cradle to grave, is essentially a lie (up to and including Armageddon). Everything that is espoused via weaponized media and academia today, is essentially inverted logic playing out the language of helter-skelter, a Babylonian A.I. construct which seeks to bleach out our humanity and replace it with binary code and little boys in frocks. 

Simply to bear witness during these epochal event-horizons is to bear witness to the hand of G-d, and to those who are aware of such datelines and their significance will remember that many of us have also been lucky enough to have lived through the Harmonic Convergence (ref the event in 1987) and the  2012/2013 end of the Mayan long-count Tzolkin. Three pivotal datelines in our lifetimes. Truly remarkable.  

Where does this bring each one of us….in the perfect geometry of Now? Hopefully to a place of inner stillness and grace, as we humbly take our ringside seats and bear witness to the dissolution of a Babylonian-Luciferian age. Thousands of years of blood-cult and dominion of dark forces over light, usher us now into a blissful alchemisation of old-world to new-earth. Every soul invited to transmute and transcend a 3D temporal matrix and enter the spiral of ascendancy. No woo-woo here, just an observance of factuality as it is playing out in front of our eyes. 

Pay no attention to the rogue statutes of governments and institutions dressed up as laws and their endless Draconian penalties. Follow only the dictates of your conscience – and connect with all the living souls that you can. Morphogenesis is the gravest threat to the dying establishment, which is precisely why ‘they’ are endeavoring to isolate us from one another, mask us from one another, quarantine us from one another. 

Finally, let’s not forget ‘they’ can only ever be a projection in the field of the unresolved aspects of ourselves. 

Arise Homo sapiens!

vox populi – vox dei

Sacha Stone

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  1. Cypr Podatki

    04/06/2021 at 1:00 pm

    Please tell me that youre going to keep this up! Its so great and so important. I cant wait to read more from you. I just feel like you know so a lot and know how to make people listen to what youve to say. This weblog is just too cool to be missed. Wonderful things, definitely. Please, PLEASE keep it up!


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