My Fellow Sapiens

Behold a new dawn! 

Sniffer-in-Chief takes up virtual residence at the Rainbow-House on Pennsylvania Avenue, whilst all across the land the sound of people bitch-slapping themselves in the face trying to wake up from a really bad Disney production. Masked clones of the Bush-Clinton-Obama crime cartel take front-row as Killary, Michael and the Veep don purple attire, a red n’ blue fusion ensemble, evoking bipartisan solidarity and unity….ahh! None of them recognizable behind their Bilderberg muzzles, as swearing-in occurs 11 minutes before it’s constitutionally appointed time, thus negating the covenant altogether. Tens of thousands of camouflaged soldiers glare at the nest of vipers through terminator infra-shades…..jaws clenched, fingers at the trigger. 

In true wicca-witch fashion, Gaga clumps her way down the stairs in a frou-frou Hunger Games ballgown, attempting to cue a meme in the collective unconscious (another round of scarcity economics in the zeitgeist…you know….hunger, war, disease, enslavement, blah blah..) designed to hatchet us back into the thrall of a long cold Biden winter. Alas! she f#cks up the high-note at the crescendo, saved only by Garth Brooks masquerading as a true ‘Merican, singing Amazing Grace, the most popular funerary song in history.

After a memorable and soul-stirring no-gun salute for Sniffer, thousands of infantry turn their back to his cavalcade… he and handler are deposited on the steps of the White House, only to discover they’ve been locked out of the front door. Honestly, you couldn’t script this kind of Kafkaesque’ bullshit if you had six month’s rent paid and a bag of blow. 

It’s like a failed production where the script falls in the green-room toilet by mistake blurring the print, just as cameras start rolling. So the evil gnome ends up not only marrying the Princess bride, but actually inseminates her, whereupon she actually falls in love with him…..and her parents actually approve!……as the good people of the realm eat their own babies rather than demand grain from the Castle…..cos he’s such a wonderful evil gnome, finally bringing decency back into politics. 

Oh it’s all too weird. Wake up….Wake up!

On the other hand, we find equanimity and solace in the calm, collected and gracious exit of the Don and Melania from an evil citadel, as the maestro-troll sets into play a restoration of the Constitutional Republic from Florida, or wherever really. Doesn’t honestly matter. What matters is that the District of Columbia is now a de facto occupied territory, and regarded by military brass as a foreign invader. Which it has been ever since the Crown-Vatican cabal overthrew America by blackmail, bribery and stealth, installing a private fiefdom a century ago. Watch out for March 4th, it may prove to be an auspicious day.

It makes little sense to pay too much attention to the political chessboard over the next few weeks as the true-form game is re-set. All we have with the Harris-Biden (sic) incumbency is just another woman of colour acting as designated home-care for an infirm old white man. Nothing new here. Any febrile wielding of the presidential pen will amount to nought. The redactions and revocations to compacts and treaties set in motion by DT will be of no consequence. Focus on building the new earth peeps….it is our inheritance after all.

The covid pantomime will almost certainly recede into ignominy as Spring emerges and the hereditary claims and claimants make their way to the forefront of global economics by elbowing the Davos freak-show out of the way. Redemption baby…’s coming, and it sure feels good! 500 years of Imperial hegemony and blood-sports issuing off the Doctrine of Discovery and Dum Diversas is drawing to a close. The Pope, the Queen, Herr Schwwwwwaaaab and the Gates-Fauci-Zeta-Reticulin compact are no more of a threat than my poodles. Focus on what we want not what they want…..that’s the trick. It was always the trick.

To love and be loved is our highest calling, and is the one vector which absolves all the witchery and bedevilment in our midst. 

If you wish to see the livestream broadcast which I moderated with Simon Parkes, Sean Stone, Robert David Steele, Dolores Cahill, Charlene Bollinger and Reinette Senum follow this link: USA GOUND ZERO

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A Smells Like Treason brief interview with a Covid Nurse Whistleblower can be viewed here:

If you want to catch the latest in the Soul Frequency Revelations series with Elena and Alejandro check out the readings on famous Gurus and False Prophets which we did a couple of nights ago:

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I am delighted to announce that courtesy of Silicon Valley and their allegiance to censorship. I am launching my own TV channel via this website through which we will continue to broadcast live-stream content without further intervention by the Catholic Church (don’t ask…its a long story). A weekly media timetable will be carried in this weekly report thingy, and the media live-streaming will include live tribunals, face-to-face interviews. Sean Stone and I will do a fortnightly show and so will Robert David Steele and I. 

The launching livestream show will be an exclusive with David Icke. 

Again, just a true human thank you for so much love and support coming back at this hippie. I am humbled by the flow and pulse of this emerging tribe.

Sacha Stone

Vox Populi – Vox Dei


Arise Homo sapiens!


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