My Fellow Sapiens!

This is a private message for Facebook wanker-in-chief Mark Fuckerberg and Twitter wanker-in-chief ‘Jack-off’ Dorsey, disguised as Newsletter #3 from my website which of course you both own in entirety. You read all my stuff in any event and your ET-inspired cryptographic algorithms track n’ trace my diet, my wardrobe, my movements, my track-listing, my browser history, my dirty lil’ secrets and the murmurings of my mortal soul….. so let’s cut out the middlemen and bullshit shall we?

It is my understanding, and correct me if I’m wrong, that you both pretty much own all content across the world wide web, along with your Google Gestapo buddies and their paymasters the Chinese Communist Party (a division of the Black papacy conducting business from it’s headquarters in Vatican City, Rome, Italy, which is crashing and burning incidentally).

Come to think of it your Chinese Communist Party was originally a franchise of the Wall St financed Bolshevik overthrow of Russia… which was for some time quite the cultural Marxist success story! Until Vlad ‘Putin-it-Right’ flushed the zionist banksters and kleptocrats out of Mother Russia taking control of the country as only a good hard-man can, ultimately removing it from bonded slavery to the IMF. Today he has again nullified his entire government, in readiness for a constitutional overhaul, and a likely return to pre-zionist-sabbatean-vatican-rothschild intervention. I wonder if Xi-Jinping is planning the same somewhere down the line? Oh and before I forget! Vlad also just signed a death warrant for Twitter and Facebook in Russia should you trespass his citizens privacy or free speech, effectively giving the West a lesson in democracy. Not bad going for a tyrannical dictator. 

As for cultural Marxist success stories…. I do appreciate that this is the same fantasy which you both envision taking hold of the USA next week. When finally….finally!….your long vaunted Jesuitical infiltration and destruction of the world’s high-street, mainstream media, academia, Hollywood, congress, the greatest ‘democratic’ electoral apparatus in history, the Supreme Court and by best accounts the office of the Vice-Presidency (the second most powerful man on earth) kicks in at Capitol Hill, with creepy Epstein-Clinton jacuzzi buddy Chief Justice Roberts swearing in your jibbering sock-puppet. Salutations guys….you done great! Amazing how much of the world you can dominate (and what great fun and larks it can be!) when you lean your wicked shadows in together with wizened salamanders hiding behind gated villas in Tel Aviv, Long Island, Gstaad, Monte Carlo and Bel Air. I predict that the two of you, along with Mr. Bezos (a creepier customer than both of you put together) Mr. Cook, Pichai, Page, Brin, Ma Wun and cronies may soon find your way into military tribunals for trespass, conspiracy, false-light invasion, fraud, treason and a medley of other crimes against humanity.

As for the coronation of your wizard behind the curtain hammering on a Wurlitzer, and his side-kick in trouser-pants (Kamala ‘camel-toe’ Harris)…. the crowning moment of your planetary heist. I’m here to tell you that your celebrations will be short lived. Agape baby. It aint over til the fat lady sings – and this mama is one hippo of a gal with a biiiiig pair of lungs, if you know what I mean. But, as fortune would have it, my good American brothers and sisters are a patient lot, and tens of millions of them are well armed, well intentioned and standing in the Christed light.

According to my own plasma projection (look it up, it means ideation….a creative imperative which the progeny of alien-greys like you do not exhibit), President Donald J. Trump has not played his hand yet. Not remotely. Nor have the white hats. By which I do not mean Ms Powell or Messrs Giuliani, Wood, Bannon, Flynn, Pieczenik et al. No, I mean the greatest assemblage of military intelligence brass who are about to demonstrate to the world what America is at the level of raw soul and guts: Raymond, Trusller, McCarthy, Wray, Watnick, Berrier, Nakasone, Ratcliffe, Haspel, Hyten, Milley, Norquist, Miller and Barrett. Naval, Airforce, Army, CIA, NIA, NSA, Spaceforce, etc… Real humans. Despite their costumes. 

Obamagate files were declassed yesterday (as I augured two weeks ago) inviting a special kind of shit-storm into your quadrant of Silicon Valley, because it will pin the tail right on the donkey (pun intended). Do you have any idea how good this feels!? I’m sitting here in my fox-hole in South East Asia, banned from Facebook, Parlor and YouTube…cast  into digital purdah…….and I am euphoric. Lt Gen. McInerney just told us at point blank range that the covidiocy is biological warfare and that the swamp is in fact almost drained. Despite all appearances. One of your dirty little whores ‘Politifact’ then goes on to ‘debunk’ him with a deep-dive, which, as irony would have it positively endorses him!  But there you go – that is what you get after your helter-skelter inverse logic software comes back at you like a boomerang…..and you are caught on the back foot. Zucky I suggest you grab hold of Jack-off’s frazzledrip beard as you lose your balance. You look like the more anemic drone, and Jack has such a manly beard after all!

So! Where will this leave you crypto-punks and your Draco-Orion overlord’s plan for planetary supremacy and ‘dominion’ (pun intended)? I will spell it out, because I have the time on my hands and I am in pacific mood: it will mean that humankind are rejecting your offer to contract us at the soul level. We are not willing to comply or acquiesce to your relentless digital voyeurism, your psycho-intellectual perversity and your AI intervention of organic sentient unfoldment. Your progenitorial Vatican complex has tied itself into an epochal Gordian knot of irretrievable dimension, your imperial dynastic bloodlines have played their hegemonial blood-sports role to the max, your mates Bezos, Gates, Fauci et al have played their roles superbly….and you’ve played yours. The Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Schumer pantheon of antiquated deviants who prop up your rickety Borg game will soon be of little to no consequence, no matter what plays out next week. This is just the start of something beautiful. 

Let me add that on the eve of the ascendancy of your crypto-President ‘Biden-mah-time-til-Kamala-takes-the-reins’ next Wednesday on Capitol Hill…. does it occur to you that a man who needs 35,000 troops to protect him at his own inauguration… probably didn’t get elected by the American people after all. Or is that linear logic a little too intrusive to your Luciferic realm of lofty manufactured consent?

Now kindly f—k off, I’d like to speak to my peeps.



My Fellow Sapiens!

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Keep eyes to the skies and feet firmly in the soil!

In grace

Sacha Stone

vox populi ~ vox dei

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