My fellow Sapiens!

My Fellow Sapiens! 

Firstly, I need to acknowledge the love, with thousands of letters of support incoming. Thank you for the kindness.

I’m getting this out today in anticipation of what is kicking-off in Washington and by extension the rest of the world. The temporal mask of Abaddon is to be torn off in the coming days, and it’s not going to be a pretty sight. But it’s all in perfect timing, and signifies the onset of restoration, restitution and re-genesis of our beleaguered world. 

The ‘deep state’ Babylonian priesthood which I’ve lectured on for two decades moves swiftly toward end-game now. It’ll be Q2 and beyond before any sense of coherence starts to kick in. April 1st might indeed prove to be the last laugh.

Before this, a seismic reckoning and psycho-cultural reset takes place in the collective. The basement will be aired for the first time in millennia, revealing through declassification and confessionals the bare bones of generational ritual-satanism, eugenics, genocide, blackmail, fraud and full-spectrum treason by the fewagainst the many. Over 200,000 indictments, military trials and dispatchments underway, which will shake the foundation of our world. Weinstein and Epstein will prove to be the decoy class of rogue.

Remember the United States of America is the world. We are not spectators. We are the cast, the crew and the extras. In fact we are the scriptwriters. 

The globalist dreamspell conspiracy that is mainstream media and academia shackled to ‘socialist media’ is soon to be regulated out of existence (in some cases retooled and repurposed) by executive-orders and landmark prosecutions. Silicon Valley will be as the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah, its transhumanist fetishism deconstructed and genetic intervention of homo sapiens blown out of the water. 

The US Insurrection Act and the Secure & Trusted Communications Network Act are the ones to watch for, along with mass asset seizure, forfeiture and arrests of transnational Marxists and their Luciferian infrastructure, including most of the social media platforms we communicate through here. 

The NSA and Pentagon scouts are fulfilling their mandate. The compact to the people, not to their paymasters. It is ironic how some of the most venal institutions have in fact become the utility of redemption. This is the kind of equation which evil cannot fathom, much less circumvent.

Delta Force are in full swing and the US National Guard are the hand of G-d in play. Eternal blessings to all good oath keepers in uniform (not something I ever thought I’d hear myself say).

As I have unflinchingly maintained President Trump will not only prevail at the head of a landslide victory, but at the crest of the greatest mandate achieved by a President in history. That is because he carries favor with the two most powerful forces in the universe: the grace of G-d and the pulse of humanity. 

There may be a few shock tactic moves which will confound in the very short term, but the Trump coterie will assuredly begin an articulated process of redemption which should see dissolution of the US Corporation and resumption of constitutional republicanism. During which process, the so called NESARA/ GESARA blueprint will likely be enacted, under its name or similar. 

I met the NESARA progenitor Shanie Goodwin aka ‘the Dove of Oneness’ over fifteen years ago, when she flew to meet me in London’s Heathrow Airport, before flying straight out again. At that covert meeting she handed us files and divulged seminal information which I’ve passed on to relevant individuals and agencies over the years. She was ahead of her time, and reminded me of the archetypal protective grandmother…tight grey bun, formidable intelligence and a deep and stirring sense of reverence toward the human family. May she rest in peace. 

I have it directly from inside the Vatican college of cardinals, that there is “not a single soul” within that institution standing in the Christed light (the Cardinal I am communicating to notwithstanding). I am informed that the church will survive this tribulation, courtesy of the fortitude of select monkish orders across the globe, who are fully aware of the Whore of Babylon and its auto-destruct of the common faith. I am also informed that rouge elements in the Holy See are frantically battening down the hatches in anticipation of an imminent Holy War. 

Not going to happen.

Pay little to no attention to bad images postulated by the flailing dreamspell propagandists. 2021 is about reclaiming our focus and not being corralled into theirs.

As I divulged in a viral interview with Robert David Steele (all of which have now been banned but may still be available on Bitchute)  at the onset of last year, we would see formal ET/UFO disclosure before the end of the Covid pantomime. Within a couple of weeks the Pentagon made its first public UFO disclosure, followed within weeks by the former Israeli space chief Haim Eshed revealing ET/ military-alliance disclosure. Bearing in mind that he might be the pensioned sock-puppet of a controlled Sabbatian narrative.  On cue this week, Donald Trump signed a directive that full UFO disclosure be made by all relevant institutions within 180 days.

If you didn’t watch my livestream Focus on Fauci event with Robert Kennedy Jr, Dr Judy Mikovits, Dr David Martin and Rocco Galati, be sure to watch it here:

Watch my interview with Project Camelots Kerry Cassidy and her interview with me (both LINKS below).

Finally you might enjoy Preponderances on Sex, Art & Death with Gillian Marais (aka my ‘Grannymuffin’)

As the Kraken awakes, be sure to remain still….bear witness.  Do not make the error of identifying with reactive movement, one way or the other. The still-point (state of grace) is where we activate psionic intelligence and navigate any maelstrom without psycho-emotionalism and the missteps which follow.

Keep eyes to the skies and feet firmly in the soil

In grace

Sacha Stone

vox populi ~ vox dei



I) I will pay no attention to treasonous statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations, laws or bylaws except for the one which assures that my constitutional duty is upheld via civil disobedience.

II) I will encourage 7.5 billion souls on earth to crowd-fund private prosecutions against any public officials who are in breach of their constitutional oath and duty, and see those private prosecutions through to the letter of the law. Whatever it takes.

III) I will remind the good people of the UK and Commonwealth nations that they too have a constitution…. the cornerstone being that no official is permitted under any circumstance to cause ‘cruel or unusual punishment’ against the citizen. Queens oath baby!

IV) I will do whatever it takes to consciously and manifestly disentangle, disassociate, disidentify, redact, revoke, rescind and reject ANY form of ‘citizenship’. I do not serve Ceasar ~ Ceasar does not serve me.

V) I will not wear a muzzle or mask: I choose to breathe oxygen and not carbon dioxide and exosomes. I will not not permit individuals in costume or any form of institutional treason harm or injure me or my family. Above all I will not let them molest my children’s health our that of the infirm or elderly. I will do WHATEVER I need to do to protect the weak and the vulnerable.

VI) I will not pay income tax until the mind control technology called ‘government’ smoothes out its own glitches and starts to perform according to its lawful mandate and under the rule of law (not statute). Whereupon I will consider contracting, on terms which do not insult my soul, or defraud me, or cause me to defraud myself (ie: paying personal income tax).

VII) I pledge to sit back and enjoy the Babylonian-Luciferian takedown over the coming days in the certain knowledge that I am blessed to be living in the cauldron of history! 

VIII) I will embrace my brothers, sisters, neighbours and friendly strangers whenever and wherever the opportunity presents.

IX) I will conduct right-action and stand in pure-truth at all times.

X) I will dream wisely.

Arise Homo sapiens! ❤

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  1. Pranie Brudnych Pieniędzy

    04/06/2021 at 1:19 pm

    Hmm, that is some compelling information youve got going! Makes me scratch my head and think. Keep up the good writing!


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