Ilona Selke interviews Sacha Stone

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  1. Paul Darmawan

    05/09/2019 at 12:56 pm

    Salam Sacha,

    I just found out about you through your July 18, 2019 Interview with Lucas from Age Of Truth TV on YT. I though where have you been in my life (?)…. I am an Indonesian with a unique experiences and fortunate enough to be curious about life and the philosophical and existential question of ‘who are we and why are we here’ questions. I was fortunate enough to have been educated in the US, and of all places, I picked a Mining School in Socorro, New Mexico.
    This was in 1980. Little did I realize at the time that Roswell was just next door to Socorro (!) I was already reading Erich Von Daniken in High School while still in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have quite a colorful family life, and am now divorced, semi-pension, and was looking, for some times, for a place to live the rest of my life in Bali.

    I have read books and searched the Internet since I was back in Jakarta in 1987, ofcourse the Internet was not yet avaiable till 1994 in Indonesia. I was privied to have internet access so early because I worked for an American whom was a client of Freeport McMorran Copper and had a position of Finance Director, which billed Freeport for thousands of labor hours worked via our outsourced workers. Anyways…..

    I never stopped searching and suspect that the actual truth is close to what you have concluded ( I hope you’re still open to learning, daily). I listened to your interviews, and I agree to many of your beliefs.

    I am currently visiting my 90 years old mother in Sydney for 2 months, and will stop by in Bali around October 2019. I sincerely hope to meet up with you and shake your hands in Ubud.

    Meanwhile, keep up the good work with Hmanitad and your fight against the Luciferian Satanic Rituals and Sacrificial murder and torturing of children. I believe the number of missing children that you mentioned in your interview was 6-800 K in the US, can be added by another 3-4 million from countries like India, China, Africa, SE Asia, etc.

    I am happy to have found your websites and looking so much forward to meeting you, if you so kindly accept me knocking at your door in Ubud.

    Best Pesonal regards,

    Paulus Darmawan.-


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