Ex-Illuminati Insider Ronald Bernard talks to Sacha Stone

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  1. Mother of 4

    10/10/2018 at 2:57 am

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you are doing with ITNJ, it is greatly appreciated. All of you involved in the ITNJ have been an inspiration for me. I want to do work on my end that will help this Earth to be a better place for all.

    I am not a poet, but I was inspired to write this poem for Ronald Bernard. Thank you Ronald for sharing your story and your wisdom, you are loved beyond measure.

    Free I was,
    Born into Grace,
    Bound by no one
    and feeling the light.
    Then one day darkness came
    and took my light away.
    Pain I felt,
    but not sure why?

    Who are they,
    that take my light away?

    Pain and sorrow,
    don’t know who I am.
    Grace is gone,
    and devouring thoughts fill my head.
    Struggle I feel,
    to exist on this plane.
    How do I find my light again?

    Free I was,
    and free I want to be.
    Need to find my light,
    as it has always been with me.
    Hiding in a safe place,
    for no one to see.
    I bring my light out
    to shine for me.

    Love is my light,
    and Free I will be.
    For the light of Love,
    can never be taken from me.


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